How it all began...

Sometimes life has a way of putting us directly on our destined path. It pushes us with such force that suddenly there is no question. Doors begin to open in front of us, we would never have even considered and the pieces connect with such ease that we know with certainty we are on the right path. 

This is how Amethyst was brought to life. Tricia Booker is the amazing soul behind Amethyst, but she never dreamt this would be her future. A passion for helping others and guiding them free of judgement, she hadn't given a second-thought to why she was a magnet for strangers needing help, but she did know that she needed a change. 

Taking a look in the mirror and realizing she had lived more of her life than what she felt was left, she began to question her circumstances. She made the decision to invoke change and suddenly shift began to happen with ease. 

She bought a house she never thought she could afford. She began to investigate psychic development, she developed a support system of soul -based spiritual mentors and friends. At the end of her Psychic Development Course a simple off the cuff idea of a healing store which actually offered healing services was tossed out in conversation. The seed had been planted and Tricia placed her trust in the process. 

Within just 30 days she had quit her job, secured a location and by December 2019 she was working behind the scenes preparing to open Amethyst. 

Everything worked out, healers began to be drawn to the space to offer their services and workshops began to be scheduled. 

When you visit Amethyst, you will feel a shift as calmness comes over you as you walk through the door. 

They offer a full range of Spiritual Healing Products and Services for the Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul.