Cheryl Clark, is now offering the following services through Amethyst. A certified transpersonal hypnotherapist who specializes in past-life regression. She is also an intuitive empath who is passionate about people and healing.

Cheryl first began drawn to past life regression in 1989, when she read Jess Stearn's The Search For The Girl With The Blue Eyes.

She then decided to become certified in 2003 with the goal to help others seeking healing and answers. Through her experience practicing and undergoing past-life regression, she discovered that what we bring into awareness, we can then bring into healing.

Cheryl is passionate about astrology, alternative medicine, and energy healing. She is a certified aromatherapist, a Relationship Reinvented Certified Life & Spiritual Coach. As well as a Relationship Reinvented Root Camp Coach. Cheryl does energy healing and astrology readings and also holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Ottawa. 

You can now book the following services through Amethyst by calling 613-492-2229

- Past Life Regression 
- Quantum Touch Session
- Life Coaching Session- 1 hr
- Astrology Reading


We are also thrilled to have Michele Laughlin as part of the Amethyst team. Michelle has spent most of her life on a bright spiritual path that she now wants to share with the world. 

She has been a Reiki Master since 2007 and facilitator. She is a naturally intuitive, psychic and has made it her goal to bring spiritual and mental peace in every path she crosses. 

Her aim is to help people and make them feel loved and safe within themselves. Her path in life is to help others and bring inner peace. 

You can now inquire about Michele's offerings at Amethyst. 
- Meditation workshop 1:1 $80
- Meditation Workshops Group $40 -2hr
- Hot Stone Reiki- $130- 1.5 hr
- Hot Stone Reiki- $100- 1hr
- Reiki Treatment- $70- 1hr
- Intuitive Guidance Reading $70- 1hr

All services must be booked by calling the store at 613-492-2229.